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Annechien Braams and I have known each other for quite some time now. Whenever I need particular items for a photo shoot or for other make-up assignments, it’s lovely to brainstorm with Annechien as she is a great artist, very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humour. Next to that she loves to share her tips and tricks and gives honest advise. During Amsterdam Fashion Week Annechien was working backstage for several shows such as Bas Kosters. Time for a Q & A. Annechien, tell us a little about yourself.

MBFWA Backstage at Bas Kosters Show

MBFWA Bas Kosters Fashion Show AW15‏MBFWA Bas Kosters Fashion Show AW15‏MBFWA Bas Kosters Fashion Show AW15‏

AR: How long have you been a make-up artist?
AB: I’ve been a make-up artist for almost for 30 years now. Pfff, I’m getting really old 🙂

AR: How long have you been a store manager at Backstage and how long does the Backstage store exist?
AB: Make-up Studio was founded 25 years ago at Back Stage. It is a Dutch brand where the words: art, tolerance and diversity are key. The brand Make-up Studio stands for the same. At first it was a brand for professionals only, and now it’s available for all of us, all over the world. We have products for every type of skin type and every skin color.


I have been a store manager at Back Stage for 4 years, and it’s a lovely and creative job. It’s great to meet lots of other make-up artists and exchange experiences. I’m also an International trainer for Make-up Studio, so I find it very cool to meet make-up artist from all over the world. Language is not a barrier.

AR: I know a lot of people think backstage offers make-up for theatres and heavy duty performances. What is your opinion about the products the store has to offer?
AB: Wow, we offer make-up for everybody  (theatre, movie, TV, and you and me :-)) From a very natural make-up look to the heavy duty make-up. We can give anyone all the advice they need. Also we are specialists in skin camouflage to cover up scars, stains, tattoos etc. We have wigs for theatre purposes but also for daily use.

AR: What are your very favorite products and why?
AB: Actually, there’s a list of products a really love. Here goes. Banana and Rose Petal Luxury Powder form Ben Nye because they are beautiful fine powders for highlighting the tinted skin and fair skin. Kim Kardashian is a big fan. Also the make-up Studio Face Shaping Palettes, in the powder and cream formula. It works wonders for the fair skin to the darkest skin tones.

Banana Powder by Ben Nye
Make-up Studio Hydra Balance Intensive Moisturising Serum is a perfect skin care make-up base. Viseart eyeshadow palette, need I say more… The 4D Mascara False Lash Effect Extra Black form Make-up Studio is THE mascara for a natural or dramatic effect. Ben Nye eye shadows and blushers have very great products. They are pigmented and the powder is finely cut, making it very easy to blend 😉

Makeup Studio False Lash Mascara

Last but not least: The Super Matte Anti Shine doesn’t only work wonders on the shiny parts of the face, but also as a lipstick base it also prevents the lipstick from bleeding.

AR: Which products would you recommend that are easy to apply and stay put during festivities or special events?
AB: Use a make-up fixer! In particular the Make-up Studio Make-up Fixer. This will make sure your make-up lasts. An easy and perfect party look is the Make-up Studio Jewel Effect; a glitter cut from real silver. There are two different types; shine (small particles) or sparkle (bigger particles that needs to be glued with the Make-up Studio 2 Way Gel). And a true must are false lashes of course. Make-up Studio alone has 52 different kinds of false lashes. Durable eyeshadow mouse is al long lasting (waterproof) eyeshadow mousse which you can use as a base for: eyeshadow, eyeliner, to color your eyebrows, lashes or lips. It’s a really fun product.

Make-up FixerMake-up Studio Jewel Effect

AR: What about products for darker toned skin?
AB: We have products for every skin tone, even the darkest color you can think of. And not only foundations but also eye shadows, blushers, and lipsticks.

AR: I am such fan of the Derma Shield foam primer. It’s a great product to use after your day-care and before the hydrating primer. It keeps everything perfectly in place. Perfect when working on an artistry job. Would you recommend it to consumers?

DermashieldSuper Matte Anti Shine

AB: Definitely! This product is a skin protector, it protects the skin from color pigments, glue, latex, nickel, and other ingredients that could harm the skin. And it’s a perfect make-up base, your make-up will stay perfect all day.

AR: Are you working on any exciting new projects you want to share with the world?
AB: We have partnered with Fashion Week Amsterdam and I am very excited because a lot of new products will be launched this year!

AR: What are the backstage beauty trends for SS15?
AB: Color, no brows, and 2015 is the new 80ies! The 80ies make-up trends are coming back, but with a modern 2015 twist. And the rebirth of nude and flawless. Everyone is more than welcome to stop by and have a look at our newest launches. More than happy to help.

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