Beauty & Lifestyle: Meet Sapphire Brown Make-up Artist At Skins Ibiza

One of my first stops when hitting holy Ibiza island ground is Skins Ibiza. Due to hosting special Flawless Face events I’ve had the privilege to visit the island three times in a row this year. I fell in love with the laid back atmosphere on the island, the climate and the hospitality and warmth of the inhabitants. Talking about warm personalities: Sapphire is one of a kind. Born and raised in Ibiza and then left to Canada to go to University and spent several years trying to find ‘the place’ to be until finally realizing after coming back to Ibiza that she sure does live in paradise. She is my make-up artistry partner in crime when it comes to make-up affairs on Ibiza. Every time we meet I pick her brain about the newest ‘organic’ hotspots and the island life. Time for a chat with make-up artist Sapphire…

AR: How long have you been a make-up artist?

SB: I have been a make-up artist for 6 years.

Sapphire Brown

AR: Do you have a make-up ritual? What do you use on a daily basis?

SB: My make-up ritual flows and changes almost every day, it all depends on how I feel, how much time I have and where I´m going to that day! But what never changes is the dab of foundation (flawless fluide foundation, Laura Mercier) on my previously prepped and hydrated skin, a touch of concealer whenever needed, a little bit of powder, eyebrow pencil , mascara and some blush to finish it off.

AR: What are your favorite skincare products?

SB: Oh dear, Where to start!? I shall give you only a few as we could spend all day counting my never ending list of favorite products! EVE LOM cleanser, Fabulous face wash AESOP, ALGENIST Eye renewal balm, LA MER classic serum, Perfect hydrating cream AESOP, Kiss Mix EVE LOM, Hibistonic AMI IYÖk and many more!

Sapphire Favorite Beauty Products

AR: What are the make-up trends on Ibiza, (if there are any)?

SB: Makeup trends aren´t very big in Ibiza. I find not many Ibicenco women even wear makeup at all! But if they do they will generally go for a bit of bronzer, mascara and a bit of lip gloss. Sometimes the kohl pencil will come out if the occasion requires them to do so.

AR: Lucky you, your living on an Island that is sunny most of the time. Temperatures can really be tropical yet we still want to look flawless during the day, and especially during the (party) nights. Which beauty products would you recommend that sustain the heat? 

SB: I find that with the tremendously humid heat we get here in the summer, less is more! I use a good long lasting product on the eyes such as Laura Mercier´s Caviar sticks and play around a bit with it finishing it off with a dash of waterproof mascara. As for the skin, I find that during the day if you are going to wear anything it should be very light or oil free and set it with a good translucent powder to keep down the shine and Voila!

AR: Your hair is beautiful. What are your favorite products and what do you use to keep it in tip-top shape?

SB: Well to be honest I don´t put very much on my hair. I use the Argan Oil REDKEN Shampoo and Conditioner. Finishing it off with Kerastase Elixir Ultime for the extra silky effect and love the smell! If I need the extra hydration I love , love the 7 day miracle mask by O&M. But my little secret to very shiny healthy hair is my morning ritual of a cup of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a shot of organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. After that I have a massive green juice with a dash of spirulina powder that works magic on hair and skin!

AR: What’s your favorite ZEN hideaway on the Island and why?

SB: One of my favorite Zen hideaway places of Ibiza would be lying on the flat rocks watching the sunset at a magical spot called Punta Galera and if not you can find me lying on a little beach just passed the Golf Club called Cala Olivera. if I find there are too many people I climb a little and lie on the rocks away from all the tourists! In the winter time I love going for long walks over generally all the beaches as they are all beautiful and wonderfully quiet!

AR: I know you have been craving organic food for years, love to eat as healthy as possible and know all the hideaways on the island. What are your most favorite organic hotspots and why?

SB: My very favorite has to be Paloma Café for both it´s fabulous location sitting at their patio under the orange trees sipping on a yummy organic smoothie and munching on any of their healthy and tasty dishes! Then if I head up north, another of my favorite beaches is Benirras and it has a great smoothie bar with the best ever selection of superfood smoothies to slurp on whilst sunbathing. For breakfast I love to go to Passion Café where I generally go for the wild red rice and quinoa porridge cooked in homemade coconut milk and topped off with mango and slithered almonds, YUM! Then for dinner I love to go to the town where I grew up in called Santa Gertrudis, there you can find great restaurants and typical Ibiza bars but my top of the list has to be Wild Beets, where every time I go I get blown away by its amazing vegetarian dishes and mouthwatering vegan desserts.

Passion Cafe Ibiza

Passion Café Ibiza

La Paloma Ibiza

La Paloma Ibiza

AR: We only want the best of the best when visiting, naturally. On the island life’s a beach most of the time. Where do you go when one (read tourists) wants to avoid the crowd?

SB: When I need to get away from the crowds I love to take a drive up to the north and sit overlooking the cliffs especially at sunset, I love going to a very special spot called Puertas del Cielo (Doors to Heaven) where I can gaze at the horizon and hear nothing but pure silence. If not I love to go for long walks up in the woods and get away from all the crazy summer chaos…

SB6 Ibiza 1

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