BECCA Under Eye Make-up Favorites

As your eyes are the window to your soul you want to help them looking their best on a day to day basis. Emphasizing them and paying attention to the under eye area is key. I tested a few Becca items that help to do the trick, and these are my thoughts.

The Aqua Luminous Perfecting concealer (€28,55) is creamy yet water light formula. It’s easy to blend and gives a light to medium coverage. I do advise using an eye cream in your favorite anti- aging formula underneath.  It increases the luminosity and staying power of the concealer. If you for example had a bad night and the combination of an eye cream and the perfecting concealer isn’t sufficient, I truly recommend the Anti-Fatique Under Eye Primer  that works as a wake-up call for tired eyes. (€28,55)

The blend of botanical extracts, vitamins and peptides smoothes and conditions the eye area while instantly energizing and rejuvenating for a bright and awake effect. Don’t forget so set with under eye brightening  setting powder (€24,47) It contains light reflecting spheres that help to diminish the appearance of fine lines, without settling helping to brighten dark circles for refreshed look.

My BECCA Under Eye Make-up Favorites are available HERE

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