Blond Braids & Twists Galore…. LOVE

They say blonds have more fun, so why not start living it up with some blond box braids or twists. We’ve got a little hairspiration below. A little blonde or greige to add some spice never hurts anyone….:)

Braids and Twists

Blond Blond

Let’s start with just straight up blond. Nothing fancy here. You just want the color, now you only have to decide on what length and size of braids. Consider a blond braided bob, or go uber long and thin. Something in the middle perhaps?

Honey Blond Braids

If you’re hesitant to go all the way blond, perhaps try a honey blond instead. This relatively subtle color usually looks more natural, creating less of a contrast than let’s say a bleached blond.

Box braids

Speaking of Bleached Blond…

If standing out is your thing, then, going to this color extreme should be right up your alley. Wear your bleached blond braids or twists uber long for extra effect. Depending on how committed you are to the look, you may want to dye your own hair for a seamless color integration. Or if perfect blending isn’t an issue for you, keeping your own hair color can create a nice ‘dark roots’ look.

BraidsMix it Up…

Here’s where you can really have some fun. Instead of sticking to a traditional homogenous hue, mix things up. Try two shades of blond for a sort of checkered braids effect or add a streak or two of blond twists to play it slightly safe. Or if you really want to have fun, try the one half blond/one half black look.

Happy Braiding! 🙂

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