Bulgari Eau Parfumee Au Thé – From August 2015

I love my morning tea. To drink that is. How extraordinary to be able to drink and wear a tea blend at the same time. And not just one, you can have a whole collection depending on your mood or perfumed appetite. This special Eau de Cologne collection (Eau de cologne 75 ml €79 | 150 ml €129) is based on tea inspired by the blue tea from Fujian, well known for its aromatic flavor and rich scent.

Buulgari Eau Parfumee

There a four tea based perfumes to choose from. Au thé vert contains a little bite due to pepper and cardamon and Japanese green tea in the heart of the matter. Au thé blanc is a soft scent based on white from the Himalaya.

Bulgari Eau Parfumee Eau de The Collection

Au thé rouge is a sensual perfume with in the heart rooibos and vig, walnut and musk, which is my absolute favorite and different from anything  I have ever smelled before. Au thé bleu is the newest creation in the tea collection. It has lavender in the top making it a fresh and soft perfume in summer days.


Available from August 2015 at the BIJENKORF




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