C-K-D Retino Collagen Small Molecule 300 Intense Cream & Neck Cream

CKDHC is a famous producer of beauty/health supplements in Korea. Due to their background and years of research in nutrition and biotechnology, CKD has developed the first skin-friendly Retino products. Retino collagen provides rich and effective ingredients that are combined with the smartest technologies to deliver the nutrients to do their job much better and even faster.

CKD’s Retino Collagen product range is formulated with small collagen molecules (300 daltons!) that are effectively absorbed by the skin, making it much more effective. In addition, the products also contain small molecules of retinal to stimulate collagen production making it less irritating than retinol. Next to tiny molecules of hydrolyzed collagen, the products contain hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, eight peptides, and panthenol. (25 ML | €36)

The creams have a soft and smooth texture, are gentle, and are a great solution to add density to the skin. Ageless beauty in full effect. While you are at it, do try the Retina collagen Guasha Neck Cream (50 ML | €45) that helps to destress and smooth the skin. These promising products are to be embraced. You will not regret it.


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