Caption Nail Polish For A Gel Like Manicure

Caption Nail Polish is one of the most cheering beauty products because it instantly changes your look. Its risk free and it suits everyone. What caption can do for you? Caption Nail Polish by young nails inc. is formulated with LacQ3, a technology that provides an air cured, gel-like manicure. It looks and acts like a gel formula but it’s  good old nail polish.

Caption Nail Polish  - Caught your eye | 16,95  Caption Nail Polish Top Coat | 15,95 Caption Nail Polish | Like it matters | 16,95

Caption Nail Polish

LacQ3 combines a triple layer fusion of dual polymer technology, volcanic glass, shellac and plant-derived plasticizers that all work together to create a nail polish making it last longer, dry faster. I had the privilege to get my nails done at Tilly’s nail studio in Amsterdam where the Caption nail polish is now sold. When applying the laquer it dries instantly, which is a great plus when having busy lives.


Caption Nail Polish  - Find A Shortcut | 16,95Nail Polish - Find A Shortcut | 16,95 Caption - Look don't touch | 16,95

I have been wearing the colors (see above): Find A Short Cut (blue) & Look, Don’t Touch (black) nail polish for a week and it still has a high shine and has not chipped. There are 18 top effects, and 60 core colors.

The caption nail polish collection is available thru and at tillysnailstudio

Have fun!

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