Color Correcting For Fall 2016

It is the big fall 2016 novelty and we will soon not be able to do without it. Pastel sticks for zero defect skin, liquid lipstick for chic and mat lips, new tools for eyebrows with character and new generation foundation for a luminous and bright complexion. As I mentioned in my pro beauty tutorial the new under eye fluid from the Urban Decay (€24) range is corrects all imperfections that disfigure the face.

Becca Blacklight Colour CorrectorRemember, green neutralizes redness, mauve does wonders for greenish complexion, apricot perfectly attenuated ugly spots and does away with grey, while yellow dissimilates eye bags and small vessels. And let’s not forget pink, it always provides radiance. Apply it on top foundation, use it on the eyelids or even your lips. If you have pores to minimize, why not opt for Smashbox photo finish that is oil-free and works like a charm.

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