Diana Vreeland Perfume – The Nose Has To Travel

If there is someone who new a thing or two about fashion then its Diana Vreeland. She started as stylist at the American Harpers Bazaar moving her way up to editor- in – chief of Vogue. After I saw the documentary movie: The eyes has to travel, I was enchanted by this extraordinary personality.

Diana Vreeland

Her opinion about beauty was loud and clear: “You don’t have to be beautiful to be wildly attractive”. I wonder if she was referring to herself, as she was not model like pretty, but she knew exactly how to handle herself. When in doubt wear red was not a familiar phrase, she just did. Wear red lipstick that is. At least most of the time.

Diana Vreeland

Alexander Vreeland wanted to continue his grandmother’s legacy in a far-reaching way that would empower people and create a lasting impression as she did. When the perfume range was launched, I was tremendously exited. Mrs. Vreeland loved fragrance, and would refresh herself with it continually – she believed it was important to present yourself impeccably and a signature scent was key. Sounds familiar to me as I love to do the same.

Diana Vreeland Perfume

The perfume range consits of six beautiful perfume. My favorites form the range are Absolutely Vital, an uplifting blend of Indian Sandalwood in a bouquet of Turkish Rose, where the Perfectly Marvelous contains Jasmin, Sandelwood and musk. An intoxicating blend.

Extravagance Russe, Outrageously Vibrant, Simply Divine and Smashingly Brilliant are just as beautiful. Yet perfume is so personal you should really try them one by one and see which perfume suits you best.


Diana Vreeland Perfume (50 ml. € 145,00 | 100 ml. € 195 ) is available thru SKINS COSMETICS

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