Dior Capture Totale 2016 – Multi Perfection Crème Light

As Dior says:” Every age has its charm”. Trying to look ten years younger isn’t the point. It’s more about how you age and if you’re able to maintain healthy looking skin while doing so. Positive energy is key. But when gravity peeks around the corner and says Hi, you don’t sit back and relax, you act on it. With the capture totale skincare Dior acts on the gravity aspect by empowering the address the signs of aging by taking on the skin cells resulting in positive looking features instead of negative.

Capture Totale

The Capture Totale 2016 contains a whole range of products. From a face and eye serum to products to give you dreamy skin and regeneration crèmes for the facial skin. With the recently launched skincare range for younger skin: Capture Totale Multi – Perfection Crème Light. (From €142,50) A gel crème that intensely hydrates the skin and feels rather comfortable during warmer days. For dry complexions there is a refillable version, or opt for universal.

Capture TotaleCapture Totale

If you don’t have problem skin and really just want to hydrate to the max and you’re not on a tight budget I would definitely recommend giving this product a go.


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