Diptyque Centifolia Limited Edition Valentine Candle

Valentine anyone? This limited edition candle transports you to early spring instantly. Time flies and Valentine’s day is just around the corner.   

The Centifolia rose is also called the May rose for the month in which it is harvested and the amount of roses that are harvest. To fully experience its scent, one must go into a field of roses at dawn in May, just before the harvest. That said, this is the first time in perfumery history that a perfume house honors this special ingredient with a candle. A candle you should really try to get your hands on before it’s sold out. (190 gram | €60)

Ps: don’t forget to check out Damascena; the essence of damask rose also know as the Turkish Rose.

Diptyque Centifoila & Damascena are available from January 2019 at SKINS COSMETICS

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