ELLA K – The Leather Collection – Ghibli Perfume

Mankind has always been fascinated by the wind making it so impactful that some of them even have their own name fitting the geographic location anywhere in the world. Perfume house and perfumer Ella K was inspired by this phenomenon and launched ‘The Leather Collection’: a series of three new leathery perfumes, inspired by the wind from different corners of the world. An original take, with three interesting fragrances and compositions based on leather.


I have a soft spot for the ELLA K fragrances as they take you on a journey while still sitting in one place. Read about my favorite HERE
And when you have to pleasure to have dive into the new collection, you do it headfirst. I fell head over heels for Ghibli. A sophisticated perfume that has the sweetness of Nougat and a touch of Jasmine. Ghibli is also known as a hot desert wind. To me, it smells like a breeze of soft and powdery sweetness that I will take any time of the week.

Harmattan, also known as sandstorm takes you on a journey with geranium and Texas leather. Khamsin on the other hand has a freshness to it due to the orange blossom while the sweetness of date lifts the perfume and takes you on a dreamy yet floating journey…

Exceptional perfumes I would recommend experiencing for yourself. (100 ML | € 225)

ELLA K is available HERE

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