Emily in Paris beauty collection by Lancôme

French women tend to have this effortless around them. They are renowned for their beauty, style, and frankly, their overall attitude. while aiming for light make-up with a fresh-looking flawless face, light glam, and keeping their hair messy. Netflix partnered with Lancôme, to inspire your Christmas make-up looks through Emily in Paris. Lilly Collins a.k.a. Emily Cooper wears stunning and easy-to-copy looks inspired by legendary stars such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

Create the Parisian look by emphasizing the brows first, then create a subtle smokey with the heart-shaped eyeshadow palette. Top it off with two coats of Monsieur Big Mascara to achieve an exciting gaze. Add that extra oomph by using that red lipstick during the daytime, especially during Christmas… Chic non?

And then, don’t forget to shower yourself in the limited edition “For The Love of Paris Idôle” Eau de Parfum, that comes in the sweetest packaging. It smells like powdery flowers with a hint of citrus and white musk. Yum. 

That said, I know what I’ll be wearing while binge-watching this season’s episodes of Emily in Paris. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.

Emily in Paris by Lancôme is available HERE


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