ESSE Resurrect Serum

This new addition to the Esse skincare range is formulated by biochemist and founder of Esse Skincare, Trevor Steyn. The primary goal of the Resurrect Serum is to repair any microbiome imbalances and reverse sensitivity. When your immune system is overactive this directly results in for example inflammation which is one of the primary contributors to skin ageing. Biome+ levels 2 and 3 probiotics and prebiotics help to support a balanced skin microbiome, signal to skin cells to improve barrier function, and reduce trans-epidermal water loss.

It contains hyaluronic acid and Bakuchiol, a nontoxic replacement of Retinol which doesn’t have the same downside as Retinol can have when it comes to sensitive skin. Next to that, the ingredients bakuchiol acts as an active acne treatment. ESSE’s Resurrect Serum is absolutely worth investing in to plump and hydrate your skin, address signs of aging especially when it’s sensitive. (30ml | €109)

ESSE  is also available HERE

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