For the 2018 Eyes Collection, Lucia Pica — CHANEL Global Creative Make-up and Color Designer — drew inspiration from the magic of night, an infinitely intriguing symbol of freedom.

When the sun sets, a new and singular relationship forms with time, space, emotions and light. A new world, punctuated by halos and artificial neon lights that transform shadows into light and light into shadows. A world in which colors hide behind a veil of mystery or, on the contrary, reveal themselves in all their intensity.

In harmony with the intangible, spectaculair nature of this spacetime, the colors of the collection play with contrasting textures and intensities, as well as the magnetism emanating from these variations.

Stylo Ombre Et Contour

I am in love with the first eyeshadow pen that does it all.
It has a pointy tip and glide on texture to frame and border the eyes with long wearing and waterproof color. Next to that the pigment is full and the texture creamy. I comes in four shades. A magnetic blue-green, a deep brown with copper shimmers, a rosy pearl like ivory and black current. Perfect for a party night. (€ 33,00)

My other favorites from the collection are . these four shade palettes makes it so easy and fun to layers. The 304 is coppery brown with glints of gold, a peach pink, a deep matte black and an intense violet red. (€ 54,00)

Les 4 Ombres 306

The 306 which is my favorite is a burnt orange with coppery shimmer, a scintillating emerald green, a deep matte black, an peacock feather blue. Use the OMBRE PREMIÈRE as a base for that little extra. (€ 33,00)

New Mascara 

The first daily-use object printed in 3D on an industrial scale.
Made possible by 6 machines that produce 50,000 brushes every
24 hours and 250,000 brushes per week, i.e. 1 million per month.

Chanel Mascara

The first mascara to offer immediate extreme volume, with no clumps
in sight. To finish your look, you’ll definitely need one. (€ 36,00)

What’s not to love? #CreateYourself

CHANEL is also available HERE

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