Fabulous Essential shock (3D Collagen) Facial at Babassu Salon Of The Year 2018

Sometimes I forget how lovely it is to sit back and enjoy the ride. When it comes to pampering yourself I think a lot more women should take to time to invest in their wellbeing by experiencing a face facial once in a while.

I had the privilege to indulge in a fabulous facial by the Dutch salon of the year 2018 with one your favorite skincare range brands Natura Bisse.

It was total bliss, also due to the high service. The Natura BissĂ© – Essential shock (3D Collagen) treatment prevents skin aging and strengthens the skin with a cocktail of essential nutrients, triple collagen and isoflavonen. Isoflavonen are plant based legumes like soy beans that work identical to oestrogene. During meno pauze (that’s not me yet) the production of the female hormone oestrogen and progesteron lessens.  For a tighter, flawless and plumped looking skin this is one the best treatments Babassu carries.

The treatment started with a balmy cleanser called- the all in one cleanser which smelled divine and has a rich and creamy texture. You can imagine that I bought it straight after.

After that a toner with a gel texture was used followed by a three fase peeling that prickles the skin due to the ingredients and the intensity of the peeling.  To get the blood flowing a warmth mask was applied. I am all for layering of the products and this treatment does exactly that.

Due the combination of the facial massage combined with the layering of products and facial peeling my skin feels and looks refreshed, plumped and gorgeous. Just as like it. A treatment I definitely recommend.

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