How To Find Your Perfect Red Lipstick

As we all know red lipstick is the little black dress of beauty. Red is powerful, strong, smart, sexy, and iconic. It moves up every outfit instantly transforming jeans and a t-shirt into appropriate evening wear. Throughout the years I’ve tried and tossed several reds and my favorite red doesn’t consist of one color. It’s usually a mix of two or three red tones with a blue-ish undertone. That’s the make-up artist in me.

 How to find your red: The paler your face, the more orange the red should be. Cool, blue based reds are more flattering on darker toned skin. Rules are meant to be broken but you might want to follow this tip if your starting on red. A good red to start with is a satin –finish. It’s neither glossy nor matte but somewhere in the middle.

Red lipstick during fashion shoot Red lipstick 6

During a shoot using a mix of orange and red tones  | Prior to a show where red lips and swim wear are key

Looking for a more muted tone? Try a brick red or cranberry and avoid sparkle. Frosty reds can party up your look but a proper classic red had has no glitter, frost or sparkle. It you really want the glitz, go for a sparkly red gloss over a red lipstick. The best reds I love working with on the job, and love to wear are by the following brands: Armani Beauty in (400), Laura Mercier in Portofino and Hollywood red. Kevyn Aucoin, Bobbi Brown and Lipstick Queen have amazing textures for lipstick.

lipstick selection

And maybe red just isn’t your thing. A neutral rosy pink or peach nude works on most skin tones as long as it has a blue undertone. A pink with a blue undertone will brighten the eyes and will not activate redness in the skin. Have a good one spicing up your pout.

The brands mentioned above are also sold HERE Laura Mercier is also sold HERE

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