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Food for Skin stands for no-nonsense, honest skincare. At Food for Skin they believe in results that you can see and feel created by the power of nature to actually achieve these results. Food for Skin does not contain junk, microplastics, or animal cruelty and its mission is to make the beauty industry ‘clean’. For everyone; all people and all skin types.

As a juror for the Dutch Beauty Award, I fell in love with Food for Skin quite a while ago. I love my veggies, as they are good for you. How very interesting to use skincare based on the very same.

The carrot cleanser is rich in texture, which I love while gently soothing and repairing the skin. It’s a cleanser for all skin types and even helps to remove stubborn make-up up. The cleanser also stimulates the skin to produce more collagen with the help of vitamins B1, B2, C, and lots of antioxidants. (50 ML | €35.95)

Another product I love is the Tomato base cream. It’s a 24-hour cream for all skin types and ages. It is called a real powerhouse due to the great number of antioxidants, vitamin E from broccoli, and avocado combined with tomato that protects your skin from pollution. Yum!
(50 ML | €37.50)

The Pumpkin Serum is a real skin treat that addresses mature skin (40-55). The catch? The serum helps to renew the skin while vitamin A, C, and E, from the broccoli and pumpkin, help make the skin soft and smooth. Did you know that pumpkin contains a lot of zinc and selenium, which is indispensable for the recovery of the skin and the maintenance of its elastic fibers? It is said that the combination of pumpkin with broccoli and chia seed oil slows down skin aging. (50 ML |€37.95)

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