Fresh Soy Face Cleanser _ Cult Beauty Exclusive

Fresh was launched in 1991 as an apothecary store curating upscale, natural beauty products from around the world. It transformed the skincare industry with its pioneering use of natural ingredients from soy and sake to sugar. The soy face cleanser is a best-selling 3-in-1 face wash that gently melts away makeup and mascara (without the sting!), removes impurities & tones resulting in clean, balanced skin.

This pH-balanced gel cleanser very popular and is suitable for all skin types. It contains amino acid-rich soy proteins helping to maintain skin elasticity, calming cucumber extract which is soothing for the skin, and balancing rosewater that into only smells delicious, it also helps to calm the skin. And now this cult face cleanser is available in a jumbo size  (400 ml | € 65.75)

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is available thru CULT BEAUTY


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