Get rid of expired beauty products and clean your make-up brushes

Washing your hands and cleaning your belongings has become a major priority since the outbreak of Covid-19. As we frequently wipe down our phones and furniture also consider devoting the same attention to cleaning your beauty products.

While it’s important to clean brushes at least weeky, and brushes used for creme products like concealer daily, it’s also worth sanitizing your actual make-up. Especially powder products are easy to clean as they “don’t breed bacteria” in the same way creams and liquids do. For liquid and cream products, even though it might sound strange, use a bar of soap and a cloth as it’s easy to do and often works best to clean lids and bottle necks.

Be wary of using any of your beauty products if you feel any coronavirus symptoms or have other signs of illness (or a regular flu).Make-up tools, palettes, compacts, and even brush handles can be made from plastic and stainless steel materials, it’s safe to assume they could become infected if used by an ill individual or yourself while at home.

TIP: Dip a brush into some olive oil first to help break down the product, follow with soap and water, or use a soft shampoo. Let your brushes dry flat so that excess water can run out.

Check expiration dates

It’s a good idea to check all the expiration dates of products you own. Just because a beauty product is clean doesn’t mean it’s necessarily safe to use. Expired make-up can be just as harmful as infected products. Does it smell off? Is the color of your foundation or the consistency not what it was? When in doubt throw it out and invest in new products.

Make-up artists

If you’re reading as a make-up artist and you don’t have any clients right now, do your own face with extreme hygiëne standards to the point where you get good at it and fast at it. This is a really great time while we’re all in self-imposed quarantine to practice those habits at home. Use this time to change your rhythms and habits so that when we come out of this, we’re in a position to serve our clients better and gain the “hygiene” trust. Invest in disposable mascara wands as much as you can, or let your clients use their own. That said; if you have regular clients let them invest in a full brush set of their own. Hardly the costs nowadays as the synthetic hair brushes are the normal and less expensive.

Good Luck! xA

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