Givenchy Ready To Cleanse Collection

This Micellar water skin toner is the ideal partner for those who dream of a cleansing water toner that’s as effective as it is light, this weightless-like formula removes all traces of make-up fast and reawakens the complexion while visibly maintaining the skin’s balance. It promises to leave your skin feeling clean and revitalized. I can concur to that. (200 ML|€ 29,95)

The fresh cleansing milk however is my favorite. It’s a milk that’s as light and fresh as water. When you apply it to the skin it starts to melt, releasing oils that gets rid of make-up leaving skin clear, radiant and comfortable without any residual oiliness. You’re skin will feel fresh and hydrated. I promise. (200 ML|€29,95)

All of the Ready-to-Cleanse formulas are enriched with Opuntia cactus flower extract to protect the skin and enhance its natural glow. It also contains shea butter to help nourish the epidermis.

GIVENCHY is available HERE

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