GLAMGLOW Plumprageous versus Lip Fusion XXL Plumping Primer

I tested both plumping experiences as both products promise to boost the volume of your lips. Pro’s and Con’s. The Plumprageous contains Moroccan Mint which gives the lips that tingling sensation. No only when applying or reapplying but you’ll be able to feel it continuously S it helps to stimulate the blood circulation. It reminds me of a products I used years ago called: Lip Venom. Maybe it sound familiar. If you are looking for a product that helps to plump the lips it’s worth the try. Nevertheless I am not so fond of the tingling feeling. (€ 24,95)

Glamglow Plumprageous

GLAMGLOW Plumprageous is available thru DOUGLAS

The lip fusion XXL works as a lip primer. A less glossy version than the mentioned above. It evens out fine lines which is perfect to prevent for example a red lipstick from bleeding. Due to Caffeine and Niaci the stimulation of the collagen is boosted without the continuously tingling feeling. A real miracle worker and a product that works for me.

Lip Fusion XXLLip Fusion XXLLip Fusion XXL

Lip Fusion XXL Plumping Primer (€ 29,95) thru SKINS COSMETICS


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