Gucci Cosmos at 180 Studios in London

Gucci’s traveling archival exhibition arrived at 180 Studios London. The massive show that is showcased over several floors on the 180 The Strand London, has been created by set designer Es Devlin together with fashion historian and curator Maria Luisa Frisa. What you will find is a fashionable and creative display that shows the motivating force of Gucci that the House has crafted from 1921 to the present day.

As you wander through the exhibition, you’ll be awestruck by the storytelling dreamlike journey. Prismatic, multicoloured, and surreal breathing artistry and originality shows how Gucci has and continues to not only mirror the times but also define them. A true Gucci cosmos full of energy and inspiration. An Alice in Wonderland experience you will not want to miss out on.

The London exhibition runs from 11 October until 31 December 2023 at 180 Studios in London


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