HANNAH Glycolic Gel 6% – Skin Prep For Spring 2015

I have been using the HANNAH Glycolic Gel a few times, and I must say it delivers what it promises. This  exfoliating product that is usually used in professional salons, can now be used at home due to the low percentage of the glycolic acid. After applying Glycolic Gel first thing followed by my regular skincare, i can feel a noticeable softness of my skin.

It also feels more hydrated due to the HANNAH Glycolic Gel (€ 35,50/30 ml) and help the skin to maintain its youth and collagen. The Glycolic Acid activates the mitosis resulting in a smoother complexion. I found it visibly helps to reduce small scars and wrinkles. It is such a mild product you can even use it around the eyes. I preferably use it around the nose as it narrows the pores around this area. it You will only need a few drops a day to achieve a maximum result. A great way to get your skin in shape for spring.

HANNAH GlycolicHANNAH Glycolic Gel HANNAH Glycolic Gel

HANNAH Glycolic


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