HAPPY 2020 – Don’t set resolutions, set goals instead

H҉̙E҉̙R҉̙E҉̙’҉̙S҉̙ T҉̙O҉̙ A҉̙ H҉̙E҉̙A҉̙L҉̙T҉̙H҉̙Y҉̙ &҉̙ H҉̙A҉̙P҉̙P҉̙Y҉̙ N҉̙E҉̙W҉̙ Y҉̙E҉̙A҉̙R҉̙҉̙҉̙҉̙.҉̙ #҉̙2҉̙0҉̙20҉̙ C҉̙H҉̙E҉̙E҉̙R҉̙S҉̙

2019 was a productive and interesting year which included lots of travelling and lovely collaborations with new and regular international clients.

From the privilege of being part of the 60’s Barbie book as a role model reflecting the ambitions of generations of children to traveling 🧳 the globe 🌎 (Sri LANKA, NY & The Hamptons, Spain) including my monthly most rewarding trips to London expanding my network and FABELISH business.

Receiving an invitation to the VIP Party of the year, spending time with my MUA 👩🏽‍🎨💄 hero Pat Mc Grath, Naomi Campbell’s Mom, and YouTube canon Jackie Aina. I’ll never forget the Mother & daughter production for Margriet Magazine where I enjoyed precious quality time with my mom while magnifying her natural beauty.

Let’s not forget my cover for L’Essence Magazine, the public speaking assignments, TEDx Amsterdam & the 10th anniversary of Tedx Amsterdam Women, meeting and being inspired by the most wonderful people while doing what I love, and so much more.

This year I am looking forward to doing much more of this while continuing to work from London and Amsterdam, putting the thoughts and ideas I have nurtured and reflected on into action. Chances are you will see more exclusive UK based brands, collaborations and experiences for me to share with you.

FABELISH.com has turned 10 in 2019 and I am very grateful that you keep coming back for my online advice tips, tricks and recommendations. The feedback has shown it’s been a continuous appreciated reference for many of my international followers. Have a peek on amandarijff.com, my  bookings page where you’ll find an update and an overview of my work and clientèle.

For 2020 I am also looking forward to writing a new book. To be honest I am still working on three different concepts from which my goal is to choose one during my upcoming travel. Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them. Don’t set resolutions, set goals instead. Goals are much more actionable, which is what makes them more effective.

That said; be committed to what makes your hearts sing and your spirits soar and don’t forget to be relentless in the pursuit of your passions. Wishing you beautiful moments, treasured memories and all blessings a heart can know. And a BIG thank you for your ongoing support.

I feel truly blessed and I’m looking forward to a magical kick- ass 🌟 new year. 2020, 🥳I am ready. 2019 Amanda Out. 👊🏽

Happy New Year!

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