HNY! Reflect And Reset. 2023. Amanda out.

Reflecting on the past before heading into the future. The twilight zone between Christmas and New Yea’s eve, also known as the limbo period, is the perfect time to reflect and reset. Why? Because it gives perspective. Through reflection and goal setting we’re able to increase self-awareness, appreciate where we have been, while it provides direction, amplifying our learning potential that will impact future succes. 

Here’s a small selection, placed quite randomly of the best nine moments of 2023. Not an easy choice to make as there is so much to be thankful for, especially when the world lacks sparkle and is falling apart. 

From the privilege of traveling the globe 🌎, (Malaysia, Thailand, Italy, Budapest, Manchester, Madrid), and the regular trips to London 🇬🇧 while expanding my network and business, to attending many beautiful (network) events and launches. Sharing my knowledge, expertise and experience through (private) Masterclasses, writing assignments, consultancy, meet & greet’s, National T.V. and working on 2024 promising new assignments as we speak.

Doing what you love and being able to call it work is a privilege. Doing what you love while helping to inspire others is an even greater privilege. Thank you for your loyalty and support. It means the world. 

I feel truly blessed while very much looking forward to a kick-ass new year. I am ready.
What about you? Happy New Year. Wishing you a fresh, healthy and joyful start to 2024.
2023 Amanda out. xA

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