It Cosmetics – Confidence in your Beauty Sleep

When skin dreams come true overnight. Sounds to good to be true? Meet IT Cosmetics phenomenal Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Night Cream. An overnight treat for your skin that promises to work while you sleeping.

This – magical- skin treat contains hyaluronic acid that retains precious moisture, jojoba seed oil, and ceramides that undo daily damage and support a healthy barrier. The cream promises that after one night of well-deserved beauty sleep your skin will appear more hydrated, revitalized, and feel more smooth. After seven nights fine lines smooth even more and your skin feels more plumbed.

Could the above be true? What I do know is that after just one night this cream got my skin glowing, like it came from within. As my skin tends to be on the dehydrated side during wintry days the hyaluronic acid added the extra much-needed skin moisture and felt like a boost of glow and moisture. If you’re looking for a little extra T.L.C. feel free to give this magical creme a chance. (‎60 ML | € 54.05)

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