Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker Collection

Bright and neon eyeshadow palettes are definitely having a moment. The Jawbreaker Master Collection is big, very bright, and definitely bold. It contains new eye shadow palettes and limited edition lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip scrubs, highlighters, and accessories. This vibrant, candy-inspired collection must be Jeffree’s take on what a rainbow should be.

Jawbreaker is the biggest eyeshadow palette that Jeffree Star Cosmetics has produced yet, including 24 shades (€ 53,50). This launch also includes the brand’s first mini eyeshadow palette, called Mini Breaker – which will include 9 bright shades. The pigments are amazingly strong and stay put all day. Prime your lids before applying eyeshadow, just to make sure it will last longer and bringing a bright smile to your face every time you look at. (€ 29,90)

The candy apple drip supreme frost is a highlighter that is fierce. It comes in four highly pigmented colors. A little applied with a fan brush on the high point of the cheekbones will go a long way, unless you want to blast everyone away with the extreme sparkle when you enter the room. 🙂 (€ 31,90)

I have reviewed all of the above items and love them. Another item you should add to your list are the velour liquid lipstick. It’s like a creamy veil adding that little extra to your look. The lipsticks are not scented which I like and are buildable. My favorite cocktails Fully Nude with a little Bronze Blood on top. A jawbreaker indeed. (€ 19,90) Achieve the best results by scrubbing your lips with the lip peel first. (€ 13,50)

The new range is exclusive so I would suggest getting it while it’s hot.

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker Collection is available HERE

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