Jo Malone Emerald Thyme Cologne & Passiflora Cologne

Summertime is here. A season that asks for fruity and zesty perfumes that lift your spirit and complement that mood. Jo Malone Emerald Thyme Cologne is one of those fragrances that opens with the brightness of lemon, accompanied by the citrus-fresh note of thyme. Add basil and you’ll have a cologne that resembles a fresh and tasty cocktail on a long summer night.

Passiflora Cologne on the other hand is what they call an ambery floral. Find cardamon, passiflora and Tonka Bean as the main ingredients. Cardamon adds the freshness while passiflora takes to almond which oozes embracement and warm. Tonka Bean adds fullness and pizzaz.

Now here’s the catch. Both colognes have depth and are beautiful on their own, yet when layered you’ll experience a whole new chapter which is so lovely, it simply can’t be put into words. I invite you to experience it for yourself. (30 ml | € 74.00)

Jo Malone is available HERE

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