Juliette has a gun – Liquid Illusion

For this new and addictive perfume Romano Ricci drew inspiration from the idea of an artificial paradise. Through his research he came across an ingredient called: Heliotropin. It starts as a smell of Almonds and a hint of violets. But when studying it more closely he also discovered that it was one of the ingredients that is also present in ecstasy, more precisely MDMA. A molecule from the amfetamine family.

In the composition of the floral & Ambery fragrance you’ll find Iris & Tuberose absolute in the heart and Heliotropin in the top. In the bottom (if you try really hard, and know what to look for) you will find Tonka bean and Benzoin siam.

The perfume promises to heat up your senses and those around you, influencing your mood and desires. Romano Ricci liked the idea. What about you? (75 ML | 220)

Juliette has a gun

Liquid Illusion is available thru SKINS COSMETICS

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