Kiehl’s Holiday Essential FACE CARE We Love

Kiehls launched 169 years ago and started out as an apothecary in New York. A cult brand with over 250 stores worldwide. Some of Kiehl’s products, especially in skincare even have a cult following, such as the Ultra facial cream, the Calendula Herbal calming face Toner and the Midnight recovery concentrate that now come in the loveable limited edition Christmas packaging.

Did you know Kiehl’s was one of the first companies to proudly list ingredients on its product labels? This was in 1924, far before the US government mandated it. Also, Kiehl’s responds to consumer demands for transparent natural skincare products and has reformulated their top-selling Ultra Facial Cream to be 100% without parabens. This dedication to providing cleaner products without losing their efficacy has been a leading example for other companies to follow.

A few of my favorites are the gender-neutral Ultra facial cream, the Calendula Herbal calming face Toner and the Midnight recovery concentrate as these no-nonsense products do what they promise.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream is one of the most popular moisturizers that work best on dehydrated and dry skin. You only need a tiny amount daily to feel the difference in your skin in less than a week. What I like is that it’s extremely hydrating yet has a light texture. I promise your skin will thank you later.

The Midnight recovery is a replenishing concentrate containing pure essential oils and helps to visibly restore the skin. At night, your skin isn’t in protection mode, so it can chill out and repair itself. In short; any product you slather on, like face oils, creams, and serums, can be more effective and better soak up the active ingredients. The Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate is one of those products. It contains lavender essential oil and evening primrose oil and truly helps restore the skin overnight for radiant, fresh, and refined-looking skin by morning.

The Calendula Herbal Toner is an alcohol-free toner created by Kiehl’s in the 1960s. It gently cleanses and soothes the skin while preparing the skin for the next steps ahead and had become a legendary ‘must-have’ skincare product.

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