Laura Mercier’s Flawless Face

Laura Mercier Cosmetics is a French and American cosmetics and skincare line that was founded in 1996 by celebrity make-up artist Laura Mercier. Laura Mercier Cosmetic’s goal is to offer high-quality, natural-looking make-up products for all skin tones and types. The brand became known for its focus on products to create what it calls the “flawless face”, a concept derived from Mercier’s reputation for promoting natural-looking make-up and healthy-looking skin.

I had the privilege to meet Laura Mercier in person on several occasions and have worked with the brand for many years. I am still a huge fan after all these years. The flawless face – four steps -products below are repackaged and reformulated with our skin health in mind and always has a prominent place in my bathroom as they never fail and do what they promise.

The top-rated pure canvas primer infuses moisture into the skin and will keep your skin looking and feeling fresh all day. Olive Extract visibly smooths and locks in hydration while Marine Hydra Botanicals replenish skin and promotes long term moisture recovery.
Layer the primer with a tinted moisturizer for a light overall coverage.

The moisturizer with a skin tint contains an SPF30 UVA/ UVB and comes in 20 widespan shades, is multi-tasking, blurs imperfection, and is full of antioxidants like vitamin C & E, Macadamia, and Kukui seed oil.

Coverage That Won’t Crease and conceals under eye dark circles is what we all want. The Laura Mercier Ultra-long concealer does exactly that. It’s lightweight, comes in twelve colors, and is a transfer, sweat, humidity-proof, and water-resistant.

Last but not least; setting your foundation is very essential. No baking, just setting that will help to keep your flawlessness last up to sixteen hours.

As Laura says: “What makes you unique makes you beautiful.”
I couldn’t agree more.



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