Ladival Sun Protection for sensitive skin

Ladival is a sun protection, SPF 30 and 50, especially developed for the hyper sensitive skin. It’s free of perfume, preservatives and dyes. It contains allantoides that is known for the extra hydration. Liquorice root is knows for the regulation of sebum and for its calming effect on the skin.

Grapeseed extract works anti-inflammatory therefore ideal for sensitive skin. It also contains glycerin that works as a humectant and helps to build up fluid. It also keeps the skin supple and stops skin from dehydrating.

The products contain a 30 of 50 ml tube , a body gel and body spray 30ml or 50 ml (which is my favorite). The products are child, budget and travel friendly.

If your skin is very sensitive and regular sunscreen even irritates your skin this could be a great sunscreen for you.

Ladival Sun Protection

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