LEBON Toothpaste

Lebon toothpaste was created by a dedicated group of friends. Some of them had a background in healthcare, providing strict specifications in terms of quality, especially when looking for just the right ingredients for the formulation of the Lebon toothpastes.

LeBon Toothpaste
The idea behind the Lebon toothpastes is to awaken the senses. The toothpaste is made in France (where elseJ) and is a high quality toothpaste for those who want to do more, and for those who want to explore. It will awaken the senses of pleasure and banish the banality of brushing your teeth. Yes!

Good for you. The Lebon toothpastes do not contain parabens, triclosan, no fluorine, no colorings and no saccharin. Not tested on animals. The tubes are made of laminated, recyclable materials.

If you’re looking for a different approach on a daily routine, this is it. The flavors, (fresh mint, liquorice, cinnamon mint) have a special (fruity) twist and the packaging is catchy on the eyes. (75ML/ 14,95)


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