UPDATE: LPG Endermologie Body Treatment At Knap Institute

Update summer 2017:

After several sessions I can say that the LPG Endermologie really work. Why? The results do not lie. I have lost several inches over a period of time. Next to having these treatments twice a week, (up to twenty times for a full session), and working out plus a healthy diet this is the result and I am pretty happy with it. I was not aiming for a six back but a flat tummy and toned body were my goals.

Now I am on the next that called deep tissue massage to keep up the results. As this is a whole new chapter I will keep you updated on these results.


It’s nearly spring and we’re back for the LPG Endermogie treatments. What it does? Keep reading and find out.

Now who doesn’t want a more lean and tight figure? I know I do! Working out three times a week might not get you muscled up on every inch of your body. My weak spots are my tummy and inner thighs, and eventhough I train them by running the results could be better. LPG Endermologie treatments to the rescue.

Over the past months I have had 20 treatment where thighs, belly and my buttocks are addressed. In combination with a healthy lifestyle and my work out, after 6 session (of 45 minutes) I could actually see a difference. Limbs got more toned down and tightened. The Endermologie treatment does not particularly address excessive weight loss, yet after 10 treatments I really felt that my favourite jeans were less tight, (meaning I did’nt have to unbutton when using the bathroom) and my waist more slim.

Endermologie TreatmentAs sceptical as I sometimes can be this is a treatment that I would recommend to encourage when you feel the need to tighten the skin or get rid of cellulite. The treatments actively re-densifies skin in depth by activating collagen and elastin production.

Good to know that Lipomassage LPG Endermologie is very effective at treating cellulite in all areas, saddlebags, loose sagging skin, & localized fat especially if you want to feel your best. Unlike some other methods and products that superficially tackle cellulite or just heat up the skin with laser, radio-frequency or ultrasound for temporary tightness, Endermologie gets to the root cause of the problem.

LPG LPG Endermologie

The deep massaging action increases circulation of both blood and lymphatic by 200% (manual massage increases circulation by 60%) and helps expel toxins and any (abnormal) fluid build-up. The skin’s structural connective fibres are stretched and restored resulting in a smoother, firmer and more refined shape. I will say yes to that any time. To keep up the spirit I will be back at KNAP INSTITUTE every month to keep it up.

More about the several forms of Endermologie treatment at KNAP INSTITUTE 

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