Marie Stella Maris Objets d’Amsterdam Body Cream & Body Scrub

No.12 Objets d’Amsterdam is a refreshingly bright and sparkling fragrance with notes of green tea, citrus, and sage, which I love. Rather new to the collection are the Marie Stella Maris Body Cream & Body Scrub. The body cream contains nourishing shea butter and almond oil, and is fast absorbing and nonsticky while taking great care of the skin. The cream is easy to refill, thank you sustainable. Get ready to enjoy a fresh and energetic start to the day.
(200 ML | €26.90)

The deliciously nourishing body scrub with apricot kernel cleanses and stimulates circulation for supple and young skin. The scrub moisturizes and leaves your skin feeling soft and healthy thanks to natural ingredients such as apricot kernel and sunflower oil. The scrub is easy to refill with the refill packaging. (200 ML | €24.90)

Marie Stella Maris

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