Meet the O.P.I. Nordic Collection – Fall/winter 2014

While going through pictures of this collection on the internet it’s funny to see all the different approaches to how to apply and which colours are favorite. To me all twelve colours are smashing. Wishing I had twelve fingers instead of ten so I could wear them all at once. The collection resembles the contrast between the Nordic Fjords and the lovely colourful houses in Copenhagen. It varies from caramel to bronze and even chocolate. The burgundy and purple shades I love, from which ‘Skating on Thin Ice-Land’, ‘Viking in a Vinter Vonderland’ and ‘Do you have this color in Stock – holm ’ are my very favorite. Have festivity to go to? Do check out the silver gray shimmer in ‘ my voice is a little norse’ to steal the show.

More a gel color kind –a – girl? All flavours will be available in  a gel substance, so you will not have to miss out on this colourful collection. What are you waiting for?

Nordic Collection by OPI | 14,25 Nordic Collection by O.P.I | 14,25

Nordic Collection by OPI1


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