Meet The Organic Make-up Brand Mineralogie

I was introduced to Mineralogie recently and must say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality and the pigments of the products. The idea behind Mary’s brand Mineralogie was to bring natural and nourishing make-up on the market. She found her answers in minerals. Preferably not just any, but the best pharmaceutical grade minerals available.


Dedicated to the highest quality mineral makeup with Mary’s signature, she created a Loose Mineral Foundation that provides a flawless, ‘I can’t believe I’m wearing makeup’ look while protecting the skin. Tip: Use it sparingly and rotate while applying.

The company is build on dedication to the best quality ingredients and her personal belief of “let’s keep it beautiful.” The brand is constantly evolving and launches trendy color palettes and best mineral makeup to customers.

Mineralogie Range

Mineralogie’s Loose Mineral Foundation makeup comes with a convenient brush, is free of talc, dye and perfume which is a great catch. I found that the liquid foundation acts like a surprising skin perfector and a blemish balm. It’s very blendable, lightweight and looks fresh and dewy on the skin.

Mineralogie range

The other product I was able to test is the matte lipstick. As I like to mix things up, I found it worked perfect blended with other favourite substances and colors. Furthermore it works nicely just by using your ring finger and dab in on. Sublime.

Meet the brand: MINERALOGIE

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