Meet Zarko Perfume – Five Ravishing Fragrances That Tickle Your Senses

When I was introduced to Zarko Perfume I was excited but was not sure what to expect. Due to working in the cosmetics industry for 12 years, one gets a great understanding regarding what you like and dislike. Next to that you get a good idea about what perfumes works for others too. And let’s not forget the packaging which can make or break your attraction to a perfume in an instant. It actually start there. I was attracted to the Zarko perfume packaging due to the crispy white freshness of the boxes and the sleek design of the bottles. The range counts 5 unisex perfumes and every single one has it’s own uniqueness.

Zarko Perfume - Molecule 234.38

Zarko Pefume - Molecule 234-38

I fell in love with MoléCule 234 . 38. It contains one big molecule as the dominating ingredient. The molecule interacts with one’s own pheromones in a sense making it more of a phenomenon than an actual fragrance, which it still is, and its intoxicating. When you smell it, it will remind you of the very popular Escentric Molecules. If you’re in for something a little bit more exclusive this might trigger you.

Zarko Perfume - Pink Molecule

The pink molecule 090.09 on the other hand is a minimalistic perfume. Also knows as the heartless one as the notes in the heart are taken out. You start with the top notes that contain Elderflower, Apricot, Black Orchid, Pink Molecule and then you hit rock bottom, all the way to the base notes with Mahogany, Cream Accord and Black Wood Accord. Interesting. Feminine. Soft. The Inception, e’L and OUD’ISH I will have to get into a little more to be able to tell you what I think. Keep an eye on the updates about the rest of these unique fragrances for the Nordic men and women, created for the Scandinavian climate and spirit and for all of us to enjoy!

Zark Perfume
For now find the full range here –

Zarko perfumes are sold at the following stores in the Netherlands: (100 ml | € 109,00)

Perfume Lounge |  Robert Nederveen

ParfumariaParfumerie 1572

Parfumerie Linnewiel | Cloud Nine

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