MIXSOON Bean Essence + Vitamin C Powder

K-Beauty products are tremendously popular because of their use of natural ingredients, innovation, and high efficacy. The Mixsoon brand stands for minimalism and uses high-quality ingredients and a special 72-hourly extraction method at low temperature and high frequency to keep the best quality of the active raw material.

I fell in love with Bean Essence and Vitamin C powder. It contains several fermented ingredients. Fermented barley, pear, and soya beans contain the vitamins to hydrate the skin while pomegranate gently exfoliates the skin. It’s a multifunctional product that nourishes the skin, and it can also be used to “massage away” dead skin cells. It’s a quite popular product and I can totally understand why. It leaves skin feeling fresh and replenished (50 ML |€38)


The Mixsoon Vitamin C Powder bottle contains direct vitamin C (100%) in dry powder form to maintain the best quality. It dissolves well and mixes well with an aqueous substance such as a lotion or cream. The advantage of Vitamin C in powder form is that it remains stable for much longer. ((8 gr. | €14)


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