Moncler Perfume Pour Femme & Moncler Pour Homme

Moncler Perfume Pour Femme & Moncler Pour Homme is an homage to the brand’s roots in skiwear. It’s the first time Moncler ever launched a perfume and I can tell you they did an amazing job. Moncler perfume has an extra unique component that undoubtedly stands out in the saturated global fragrance market as both scents are packaged in rather eye-catching bottles. Silver flasks are constructed with horizontal ribbing, which is a nod to the shape of Moncler’s hero product, the puffer jacket, and, most notably and amazingly innovative, are the LED screens that light up with scrolling red letters. Via a Bluetooth-powered smartphone app, you can customize the illuminated message which is pretty cool.

The perfume is the work of perfumers Quentin Bisch and Nisrine GrilliĂ©, who so eloquently describes the scent as “Fresh powder on a mountain top with the sunlight shining through the snowflakes,” GrilliĂ© says. The fragrance itself is quite beautiful. Think base notes of vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, and amber. Middle notes are heliotrope and jasmine sambac. Top notes of bergamot. The combination of ingredients is like wearing a cashmere blanket, or a Moncler coat if you will.

Moncler Pour Homme, the brainchild of Antoine Maisondieu and Christophe Raynaud, is a quite musky fragrance, which I love, that smells of “Mountain Woods,” Think amber, cedarwood, and sandalwood in the mix.

The perfumes will make the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays, because who wouldn’t want perfume featuring a special message from a loved one? I know I would… (50 ML | 180)

MONCLER is available HERE


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