Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble At The Conservatorium Hotel

This festive month the inviting Conservatorium Hotel is dominated by the theme “Dreaming of a white Christmas”. Especially for this theme you’ll be able to find and enjoy the white pure air bubble by Natura Bissé containing the Natura Bissé Diamond White Experience Life Infusion Treatment.

Bubble Pure Air

The treatment is available from the end of december through the beginning of january 2016. A mouthful I agree, yet it sound very promising, don’t you think? To start, with the air in the bubble exists of 99,95% pure air. Enough “the days after Christmas” reasons to explore and indulge.

Bubble Pure Air

What else to expect from the Natura Bissé Diamond Experience Life Infusion White
The treatment actually promises an unprecedented rejuvenating effect as it regulates the four most important skin aging bio composers. An intense treatment resulting in healthy, glowy looking, five years off in 90 minutes skin.

Bubble Pure Air Treatment

The Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble treatment redefines the facial contour and blurs wrinkles and expression lines in just one session. Can you believe it? Well the exciting part is, I’ll be testing it in the first week of january and get back to you naturally. I can’t think of a better treatment to beauty jumpstart the new year. Can you? Keep you posted.

My thoughts:

I would recommend this treatment to everyone as it’s highly relaxing for body and soul. My skin feels thoroughly cleansed, hydrated and pores seems tighter. The extra dimension is the Oxygen air bubble with high intensity of clean air in a specially designed room. With or without the oxygen air bubble it’s a lovely treatment and definitely recommended.

Akasha Spa

The Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble treatment at the Conservatorium hotel is available from the 27th -30th december & from the 1st – 8th of january 2016. The treatment takes 90 minutes and costs €330,-


Find the AKASHA Spa HERE too


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