N.C.P Olfactive Facet Perfumes

How complex we as human beings are with moods that can shift from day to night, and everything in between in an instant. We change our clothes, make-up, and hair routine that helps to complement our frame of mind. That said, as we all have our favorite fragrance signature how interesting and cool is it that N.C.P Olfactives takes it a little further by creating stand-alone signature scents that can be layered and personalized to keep you in the moment.

All of the Eau de perfumes are unique signature scents that blend smoothly in any combination to follow however you feel, where ever you are transforming the perfumes into a totally new experience. Personally, I love to layer perfumes as it feels like creating your own scent. You just have to be careful the perfume in question doesn’t contain a large number of ingredients making it clash and quite frankly transforming in something hideous.

Usually, the formula of perfume can include a great number of different ingredients making them hard to layer. N.C.P. Olfactive fragrances are created using fewer ingredients in order to create the best conditions for all fragrances to be layered while maintaining the complexity and depth of each individual fragrance.

My favorites up to now? N.C.P Amber & Gaiac Wood, Jasmine & Sandalwood, and fruity Apple & Driftwood.  Especially the first and the last together is very special.  Fin price details on the websites below.

Go on, it’s time to find your new signature scents. Christmas is coming you know…

NCP Olfactives Perfumes are available thru SKINS COSMETICS

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