Obvious – Une Figue – Eau De Parfum

Obvious is a new perfume house that combines elegance and respect. The brand stands for luxury and beautifully complementing perfumes that are simple and at the same time very complex. Obvious is driven by transparency and is clearly a proponent of natural ingredients and recyclable packaging.

The newest scent is Une Figue. Figs have a gloriously unique scent with a fruity sweetness that smells both decadent and gentle. Figs ripen in the heat of summer with a delicious honeyed sweetness that only intensifies when dried. It’s a calming scent that is sure to bring a bit of sunshine into even the coldest days of winter.
Top notes: Mandarin, bergamot and Eucalytus
Heart notes: Fig, immortelle, marine-extract
Base notes: cedarwood, Amyris, vetiver
A lovely composition, a beautiful scent that can be layered with other fragrances or used on its own. I think it’s time to get acquainted. Enjoy!
(100 ml | € 110)
OBVIOUS is available HERE
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