OPI Infinite Shine – Nailpolish With A Gel Effect

When someone asks me why they should invest in face primer, I always refer to nailpolish. If you do it well, you start with a nail primer or basecoat then add the color and finish it off you use a topcoat. This three –way system will ensure the sustainability of the polish. Hooray for O.P.I as they just launched: Infinite Shine (€ 18,95 each) , a nail polish with a gel like effect that comes with an advanced primer, and a high shine gloss to get the best results. During a lovely introduction with a tropical setting the high shine colors were displayed, waiting to be tried.

OPI Infinite Shine OPI Infinite Shine

How to: start with the primer, this acts like a seal, then use two coats of the 30 colors for you to choose from. Last, use the gloss and top coat. What I really love is the intensity of the colors and the fact that it dries the nails in a few colors. Great news as you don’t need a lamp for it to dry.

OPI Infinite Shine

PS: What your favorite colour?


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