Oral care by Selahatin

After being addicted to Marvis whitening toothpaste for years I am happy to announce that I found a new oral care addiction. The first ever whitening toothpaste by Selahatin contains antioxidants and fluoride, which is pretty rare and unique combination for toothpaste.

The whitening toothpaste contains three flavors: Amorist, Escapist and Hypnotist. Amorist contains Green Mint, Peppermint & Menthol while Escapist contains Cinnamon, Orange and Peppermint. Hypnotist contains Anise, Honey and Peppermint. Every scent is composed the same way perfume is developed. Layered with a touch of mystery.

Selahatin is manufactured in Switzerland, available in over 20 countries and internationally crowned as one of the best care cosmetics brands by GQ Magazine and nominated for the Wallpaper Design Awards 2019.(€ 17)

Selahatin is now available thru Skins Cosmetics

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