Otentic perfumes in Amsterdam & Amstelveen

Recently Otentic perfumes officially opened their second shop in Amstelveen. Amsterdam. As a true perfume addict I was thrilled about the concept during the first launch in Amsterdam.

Otentic Perfumes

Unisex perfumes that complement what you stand for and fits your personality. There a eight “fragrance” characters to choose from. You can literally take your pick. If you’re a fruity person opt for the Fyori or Lemonia that has a citrus note to it.

Otentic Perfumes

Elegantia  contains powdery scents while Sedux and Sensuali are sweet and fruity or more oriental. My favourite perfume area. Arborath is more woody and aromatic. Several perfumes from this range contain Oud, yet other perfumes from the range have a soft composition making it fresh and airy. Very perculiar yet exciting.

These perfumes take you on a journey to all parts of the world. You just need to know which ingredients make you smile from ear to ear, or maybe which perfumes ingredients bring back those happy lifetime memories.

Otentic Perfumes2
As you can imagine by peeking at the pictures I had a wonderful time and am fully ready to wear my Otentic – sedux in nr.8. In the meantime I’ve added Otentic Pure Santal and Pure Amber (Aphrodites best kept secret) to my Otentic favorites. I’m sure you will love it too.

The full range of Otentic perfumes is available at Keizersgracht 233 in Amsterdam and the recently opened store in Amstelveen.

Otentic Perfumes
Binnenhof 35
1181 ZH Amstelveen

For more information: otenticperfumes.com

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