Patyka Lift & Glow Firming Collection

Come and meet Patyka’s new Lift & Glow Firming collection. Call it radiance turned righteousness. Our quest for illuminating, glowing skin is growing. What people mean by it is that they want skin that looks hydrated and refreshed, free of spots, and skin that’s free of blemishes or thinning. Health is wealth and self-care is status, a dewy epidermis a positive proof that the quest to “live their best life” is real.

The lift and glow collection helps to protect the skin from the two main factors of skin aging: oxidation and glycation due to organic Dandelion and Engelhardia. Use it daily to achieve the best results including smooth- and fresh-looking skin. Like it came from within.

As Patyka offers certified organic skincare, an anti-aging effect that is equivalent to that of retinol is used. It’s a 100% natural active ingredient that stimulates collagen and helps to restore elasticity and firmness. Time to get your skin intensely moisturized and more beautiful this fall. Next to the glow firming cream (50ml | €79), you’ll be able to enjoy a Pro-Structure Firming Serum (30 ml | €84), a Youth Lift Eye Cream (15 ml | €49), and a Youth Repairing Night Cream (50 ml | €79). Last but not least. Good to know Patyka is made from recyclable eco-friendly material.

PATYKA is available HERE

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