Paula’s Choice – The Unscrub & Power Berry Serum

Paula Begoun who is also known as “the cosmetic cop” is an American author and founder of Paula’s Choice skincare products. Don’t go to the cosmetics counter without me is one of the famous books Paula has written, and I had the privilege to meet her.

Paula is a true walking encyclopedia and tremendously knowledgeable when it comes to skin and the very best way to take good care of it. As she says: “Nobody likes aging skin”. And we need to take care of it the best way we can.

Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves. Tackling new challenges with grace and self-assurance while being smart about ingredients, brands and products at the same time. That said, Paula’s Choice is all about having options. With these options in mind you can take care of your skin efficiently with a custom skincare cocktail.

The newest edition to the brand is UnScrub, a very mild scrub intended to provide a mild form of physical exfoliation using biodegradable jojoba oil beads dissolving within seconds when massaging it onto the skin. It has a balmy texture which I love. E

It contains a multitude of natural ingredients yet Paula also chose to avoid any natural ingredients that can irritate skin which can contribute to premature signs of aging. These include essential oils that are among the most common offenders seen in natural skin care from other brands. With that in mind the unscrub is definitely worth a try. (118 ml|€29)

Also new to the collection is the Power Berry Serum. This serum contains 13 berries that help to neutralize environmental damage while preserving youthful looking skin. These berries have antioxidant properties that work together to defend skin from aging free radicals while preventing future damage.

Sea buckthorn, raspberry, elderberry and squalene revitalize, hydrate and soothe the skin. But what makes this serum pretty amazing is the texture. It’s a silicone-free, milky gel texture that absorbs really quickly into the skin leaving a silky touch and it has pretty berry pink shade that has skin looking fresh and dewy. I am loving this product very much. (30 ml | € 33)

The Unscrub is available from the 11th of June 2019
The Power Berry Serum is available from the 25th of June 2019


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