QMS Collagen Concentrate 7-Days System

There’s a new QMS product and boy o boy, if this isn’t a great catch in addition to the QMS collagen skincare regime, I don’t know what is. Read all about my QMS fetishism HERE.

The Collagen Concentrate 7-days System gives your skin that extra energy boost provides skin elasticity and firmness while complementing the daily collagen products you might already have. I can truly appreciate that the 7-day system is suitable for all skin conditions, especially for dehydrated and demanding skin. I have been using this product for quite some time in combination with the QMS skincare products and I can truly say that the extra boost of collagen really does make all the difference.


Apply 1/2 an ampoule of the concentrate to cleansed face in the morning and the evening. Then use the appropriate Collagen serum and individual QMS skin care for eyes, face, and neck. I hope you will love it as much as I do. (3 x 7ml | € 130)

QMS Collagen Concentrate 7-Days System is available HERE

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